One-On-One Private Training Program



Wanda at Sunka K9 Training has developed a One-On-One Training Program that is able to be implemented at various stages of your dog’s training program.

With this program the owner/dog attend One-On-One Private Classes, with the instructor.  The owner/dog then have homework, to be practiced each day, at least two times a day, 15-30 minutes for each session, until the next class.  This program can be used after any of the On Leash/Off Leash Board & Train Programs.  It may also be used without the Board & Train Programs for the individual that wishes to have total hands on training with their dog from the beginning.


This program is not for dogs that have behavioral issues such as human/dog aggression, separation anxiety, reactivity, high prey drive or fear issues, etc.


This program is designed for the owner/dog to work at their own pace.  Each owner/dog will progress at different rates.


The following is a list of commands your dog and you will learn:


  • Place Command/Duration
  • Focus
  • Sit/Duration
  • Down/Duration
  • Walk Calmly on Leash with Auto Sit
  • Recall
  • Thresholds (Waiting at doors, crates, cars, etc.)
  • Waiting for Food
  • Advance to Off Leash on all the above
  • Trick Training

PRICE:   $100.00 = 1 – One Hour Class

                $380.00 = 4 – One Hour Classes

                $660.00 = 7 – One Hour Classes

                $900.00 = 10 – One Hour Classes