OHHHH……The Place Command. The Magic of the Place Command is Duration!!! It’s a Wonderful Feeling when your Dog goes to His Place when Told. But does he stay there? And if so, How Long? Does your Dog Break his Place Command? Is Your Dog Panting? Is your Dog Moving Around while on Place? Is he Whining?

The 1st Picture of Hemi looks Like a Happy Dog Laying Down.

Actually, Hemi is displaying High Anxiety!! He is Panting while laying Down. His Muscles are all Very Tense!! His Blood Pressure is up, as You can See from the Excessive Redness of His Gums, Ears & around his Eyes.

Hemi Broke his Place Command every few Seconds when first starting to learn this!!! Which is Normal for a Dog with a Very Busy Brain that Does Not Know How To Relax with Activities around Him.

The 2nd Picture of Hemi, He appears to be more relaxed. His Panting has Stopped! His Skin Color is returning to a Normal Pink Color. His Muscles are still Tense.

The 3rd Picture of Hemi is Where the Mind Follows the Body!!!! Hemi Relaxes his Muscles & Lowers His Head to a Relaxed Position!!! Notice he has Moved His Hips into a more Relaxed Position. His Muscles are Relaxed, even His Facial Muscles have Become Relaxed!!! This is when His Mind begins to Relax!!!

Once Hemi has Reached this Calm State of Mind we are Able to Increase His Duration up to 4 Hours. The Place Command is Doggy Therapy at It’s Best!!! Dogs Learning when to turn their Busy Brains Off & Relax.